The preliminary study of the construction details is very important to avoid having problems during execution of the work, but also to avoid the formation of thermal bridges in the building construction.

The thermal bridge is a discontinuity of the building envelope; there are "thermal bridges of construction", in the presence of septa, columns, slabs, balconies or eaves reinforced concrete or steel, not properly insulated from the outside, but there are also "geometrical thermal bridges", in correspondence of the connection between wall and wall, between the wall and the floor, or at the junction between walls and windows.

These structural discontinuities have thermal characteristics significantly different from those of the surrounding wall, with thermal exchanges much higher than those of the rest of the building, both in winter and in summer.

The effects of this phenomenon are particularly adverse; particularly in the winter season when the presence of thermal bridges is not corrected with an appropriate thermal insulation layer, determines two main negative phenomena:
  1. The cooling of portions of the building in the vicinity of the thermal bridge, with increased risk of surface condensation and therefore also of mold inside the room;
  2. Heat loss and thus increase of the energy requirements of the building and, inevitably, of expenses for heating.

Sonnergie in its projects and in its consultings, always provides an assessment and a careful study of the structural problems and thermal problems of the construction details; through numerical calculation programs, which provide a verification of the surface temperature, in correspondence of the constructive detail, we obtain important information on the most suitable solutions to be adopted. In this context Sonnergie always look for the most effective solution at the best price, operating in the exclusive interest of the customer.

Sonnergie also offers a wide-ranging energy consultancy. In the event that the project has already been given to another technician, a specialist support covering one or more aspects of the energy in the building, may be required. In this case, the staff of Sonnergie will support the development of the project, including its implementation, to ensure that both the choices of the designer and of the client, can properly take into account the energy aspects.
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