An example in the Milan hinterland.
The example concerns the work of extension and refurbishment of a mixed use building, located in the suburbs of Milan.
The intervention involved the introduction of new functions - a bar and rehearsal rooms for music - in addition to the retrofitting of the functions already present - a center for early childhood education for 20 children, offices and conference room with 315 seats. The building, before carrying out the work, had several shortcomings: very little insulation, widespread thermal bridges, windows without thermal characteristics, overheating in the summer, bad acoustic correction of the interior, widespread degradation of the external wall surfaces.
The project has therefore provided an even energy improvement of building, implementing Directive 2002/91/EC (calculation protocol KlimaHouse), obtaining the KlimaHouse certification in class "C": energy demand for heating, from 210 kW h/mq a to 63 kW h/mq a, resulting in a reduction of energy requirements for heating by 70%.
On the walls we used a dry technology consists of aluminum frames and Trespa Meteon, with a thermal insulation panels in recycled polyester fiber, and recyclable materials; provided steel windows, high-performance (Uw = 1.8 W / m² K, sound insulation 40 dB) with double glazed safety, low emittance coating, argon gas and a high factor sunscreen, when exposed to direct sunlight.
The panels used for the outer coating have excellent properties of resistance to ultraviolet rays, atmospheric agents and pollutants, and are easy to clean graffiti, a problem present in the area of intervention.
In addition to the energy benefits the work was also an opportunity to make a restyling of the building, that before the works was in a state of decay.
The thermal insulating, was provided on the outside of the wall while, for data constraints from the existing building, the insulating coat was placed on the inside of the roof structure and of the floor, above the crawl space.
The insulation of polyester fibers, on the soffit of the roof, also has excellent sound absorption properties and has helped to improve significantly acoustic correction of environments.
A proper study of the construction details has eliminated all thermal bridges, responsible for significant energy losses and causes of mold growth resulting in prejudice to the health of the building and its state of preservation.
For technological plants, was expected a heating and cooling air, stoked with electricity and with district heating.
The works were completed in 2007.
TYPE OF INTERVENTION: Energy Retrofit and Widening

TYPE OF USE: Mixed use

LOCATION: Lombardy

SIZE OF INTERVENTION: Energy retrofits 1.000 sq.m. - Widening 150 sq.m.

ENERGY CLASSIFICATION: Class C - KlimaHouse Protocol

DESIGN - PROGRESS: 2006 – Works completed in 2007
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