More than 95% of the existing buildings has been designed and built with little or no attention to the issue of energy saving and comfort.

These features can be found not only in in old buildings with load-bearing walls, but also in buildings built after the Second World War up to the most recent, including stately buildings.

Often we are faced with external walls monolayer, built in solid brick or stone, without thermal insulation, or brick walls with empty cavity, often without insulation or with insulation placed in the cavity, but with totally inadequate thicknesses and the widespread presence of thermal bridges near facilities and balconies, windows without insulation properties, obsolete and inefficient thermal plants.

A lot of existing buildings, as well as having considerable energy losses, resulting in higher heating costs in winter and cooling in summer, often have problems of thermal discomfort (very cold internal surfaces in winter, drafts, overheating in summer) and poor health (humidity, presence of mold).

Through a detailed design, Sonnergie aims to significantly reduce the energy losses, eliminate thermal bridges and optimize the yield of thermal plants, reducing significantly the costs for heating and cooling, but also by improving the conditions of comfort and health of the existing building.

For the energy improvement of existing buildings, in addition to regional energy certification, as a further mark indicating the quality of energy intervention, it is possible to acquire KlimaHouse R, as voluntary certification.

The energy retrofit will also increase the market value of your building and a careful assessment of the applicable tax incentives, will significantly reduce the payback period of the investment.

Sonnergie's technical staff is available to carry out an initial meeting, free of charge and without obligation, to illustrate the possibility of upgrading the energy efficiency of your building, particularly in the provinces of Bergamo, Como, Lecco, Monza Brianza and Milan.
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