The purpose of the energy audit is to achieve a thorough understanding of the real behavior of a system that uses energy (be it a building, a technological plant or service) and identifying and quantifying the energy savings opportunities, from a cost-benefit analysis. The client, with a limited financial commitment, is thus put in a position to assess the potential for improving energy and, consequently, the intervention that is most suited to his expectations and economic opportunities.
The energy audit is different from the energy certification for the greater level of detail of the investigation and for the comparison between the calculated consumption and actual consumption, this method brings also more reliable outcomes, for the subsequent possibility of intervention.

In the case of buildings, the energy audit is a useful tool that allows you to check the energy situation of an existing building and the possible improvements aimed at reducing energy losses and optimization of the yield of the technological plants.

Based on the results collected during the investigation are proposed, according to the customer's requirements, different projects from the point of view of energy.

From the examination of the costs, depending on the degree of detail of the study, you can then make an assessment of the economic viability of the investment, of the payback and of rate of return, taking into account the following data:
  1. ? reduction of heating costs;
  2. ? tax deductions on the work of upgrading the energy efficiency;
  3. ? tax deductions on building renovations;
  4. ? increase in the value of the existing building as a result of the redevelopment works.

In the energy audit, if the customer requests it, will also be developed a preliminary design intended to improve the functionality of the building, its extension, renewal aesthetic.

In the case of industrial buildings or craft, energy audits must also take into account the energy flows related to production processes, artificial lighting, as well as those which may be originated from the production from renewable sources; is also provided an analysis of the contractual terms of energy supply.

Sonnergie performs energy audits of residential buildings, industrial buildings and commercial properties mainly in the provinces of Bergamo, Como, Lecco, Monza and Brianza Milan.
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