Brianza - Lecco – 2012
The building is located in the Brianza Lecco. It is an old rural building to be subjected to conservative renewal, based on the architectural project already in the possession of the owner.
Before proceeding with the construction project, the owner want to examine what are the possibilities for improving the energy efficiency of the building.
The consulting is developed, in collaboration with the architect, in search of the optimal solutions, with the aim to preserve the appearance and character of the building.
After the detailed relief of the property, was first prepared a heat balance of the building, which has been developed with different assumptions of intervention.
On specific request of the client was also made a comparison between solutions of internal and external insulation. Based on the results obtained it was then opted for outside intervention.
The study of construction details, carried out on the nodes characteristic, has allowed us to find solutions that make it possible to achieve good thermal performance and comfort and not to exceed in thicknesses of insulation, in order to preserve geometry and volumetric ratios of the existing building .
To facilitate the subsequent choices of the client, the survey results were then transferred to a summary chart, illustrating the economic value of the heat losses per year, broken down by single construction element, in the different hypothetical situations.
For the last step we prepared an analysis, of the most appropriate solutions for technological plants, for heating the building.

TYPE OF USE: Residential

LOCATION: Lombardia - Brianza

The Audit (or energy check-up) of a building, includes an inspection and examination of the available documentation, the collection of all information, necessary for the subsequent insertion of the data collected in a calculation tool and ends with the preparation of a mathematical model of the building.
You can get in this way the consumption of energy and the attribution to individual components of the building..
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