Sonnergie identifies and concretises sustainable choices and solutions in the field of energy efficiency in buildings, focusing its attention on the design of low energy buildings and energy renovation of existing buildings.

Today, the search for energy quality of a building, existing or new it is, requires a coordinated and interdisciplinary approach to the various problems: it is no longer possible to consider the building as a sum of architectural contents, structural contents and contents about technological plants, simply juxtaposed; the building is a structure, where the different planning contributions must be integrated at an early stage.

The primary objective of Sonnergie, through a careful integrated design, is to get a building with high energy saving, environmentally sustainable; a product that maintains the best comfort conditions inside during the winter but also during the summer, with the lowest energy requirements and the lowest environmental impact possible.

Sonnergie always points to obtain solutions "tailored" in the light of customer needs and of peculiarities of the place, pointing out that the priority is always in a careful study, that leads to an artifact where is minimized heat loss through the building envelope; only after Sonnergie configure one or more of technological plants, sized to meet the low energy demand, in order to minimize the economic importance of technological plants, both during construction and the management.

Compared to the possibility of obtaining incentives or tax deductions (building renovation, energy retrofit, thermal account etc ...) for the work to be performed, Sonnergie constantly monitors regulatory developments, so as to ensure, already during the design, the respect of the technical requirements for access to the various fiscal incentives.

Thanks to a constant update on specific energy issues and a tested work system , Sonnergie's technical staff has gained many years of experience in integrated design of buildings with high energy savings in new construction, and in the redevelopment of the energy, with excellent results in different climates and geographical areas (mainly in the provinces of Como, Lecco, Monza and Brianza Milan, but also in the center of Italy, up to the Côte d'Azur) and for different type of functions: residential, mixed use, tourism - accommodation and education.

Sonnergie's technical staff is available to carry out an initial meeting, free of charge and without obligation, to illustrate the offer relating to the design of buildings with high energy efficiency in the provinces of Bergamo, Como, Lecco, Monza, Brianza, Milan.
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