The phase of construction of a building energy-saving and environmentally sustainable, it is very important and requires that all actors involved (construction company, companies installers, self-employed, technical director, director of works, etc.), absolutely must know and understand the objectives and contents of the project and the importance of proper and thorough completion of all construction details.

A building made with little attention or improperly brings to disregard the project goals and create future problems for the management and conservation of the building over time.

The staff of Sonnergie has gained extensive experience in construction management in the field of construction of buildings with high energy saving; through inspections every week makes sure that the different project contents, agreed in advance with the client, are transferred faithfully, through the coordination of all the actors involved.
The proven system of work, provides that every visit to the building site will lead to the drafting of a report, which lists various data and considerations relevant to the advancement of the work: progress of works, critical issues encountered and their solutions.

Sonnergie can also deal with the Co-ordination of Security, both at design and execution: the preparation of the Safety Plan and Coordination, preparation of the Technical Files, periodic visits aimed at verifying the application of the provisions of the Safety Plan, of Legislative Decree 81/08, the laws in force in the sector.
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